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Dine in Style: Top 5 Picks for Trendy Stoneware Plates This Summer!

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Welcome to the vibrant world of summer dining!

As the season of sun-kissed days and balmy nights unfolds, it’s time to rejuvenate our dining experiences with the latest trend – stoneware plates. These aren’t just any plates; they’re the canvas for your culinary creations, the stage for your summer feasts, and the conversation starters at your garden parties. 


Stoneware plates, with their durability and versatility, are the unsung heroes of the dining table. But this summer, they’re stepping into the limelight, adorned in the trendiest colors of the season. Imagine a table set with plates in hues inspired by the summer sky, the ocean’s depth, and the vibrancy of a tropical garden. It’s not just a dining table anymore; it’s a tableau of summer’s bounty.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 stoneware plate colors that are making waves this summer. These colors, inspired by the Summer Color Trends of 2023, will transform your dining table into a vibrant summer landscape. So, let’s dive in and discover how to bring the spirit of summer to your table!

Cool summer – Cool Ocean Blue Collection

Summer is synonymous with the stunning shades of the sea. Ocean Blue stoneware plates are a perfect choice to bring that beachy vibe to your table. They pair exceptionally well with seafood dishes!

Bright yellow plates bring a vivid pop of color to your table. Not just functional food containers, these yellow stoneware pieces also add a fancy decorative touch to your summer dining.

Freshen you table with Fresh Green Plates

In the hot summer, a fresh color like green is one of the best choices. We recommend any shades of green, depending on your preferences. These beautiful green stoneware plates are not only perfect for summer but also suitable for every season.

Creamy Oat Milk Plates never out of time!

Oat milk bowl with green soup image

Oat milk plates, with their beautiful creamy white to beige color, exude a sense of warmth and cleanliness. Plating your favorite summer dishes on these stoneware pieces will elevate your dining experience.

Features your food on Striped Color Plates

IMG : Certified International
striped color plates
IMG : color-hex

If you can’t choose just one color, why not go for serveware that features multiple colors? We recommend striped color serveware that will present your meals in a more elegant and vibrant way!

Now it’s time to set your perfect summer table!

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