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7 decorative items to bring a sense of Thailand to your home

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Spruce up your living space with a touch of Thailand! In the world of interior design, we often think about essentials like beds, closets, and comfy sofas.

But what if you’re craving a touch of wanderlust in your décor? Enter Thailand, a country brimming with culture and vibrancy. We’ve curated 7 Thai-style items that not only infuse your home with a distinct Thai essence but also lend it a timeless classic charm.

Ready for a journey through these captivating decor pieces?

Thai Triangle Cushion

Immerse yourself in the comfort of Thai triangle cushions, steeped in ancient Thai craftsmanship. These cushions boast intricate patterns and vivid hues, effortlessly adding a vintage Thai vibe to your sofa or bed. Whether lounging on the couch or relaxing on the floor, these cushions offer both style and coziness.

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Thai wallpaper
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Touch up a plain wall to be more elegant by applying Thai pattern wallpaper. This is the easy way to bring a spirit of a luxury Thai mural painting to your home. 

Even in mosquito-free zones, a Thai-inspired canopy can turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat reminiscent of Thai resorts. Drift into dreamland while surrounded by a touch of tropical allure.

Wood wall decor

Embrace the beauty of nature with Thai-style carved wood wall décor. These intricately carved pieces not only pay homage to Thai culture and stories but also lend a natural and unique touch to your walls.


Create an inviting ambiance with the warm glow of Thai-style lamps. Whether it’s stencil lamps, Thai pattern lamps, or elephant-themed designs, these lamps effortlessly brighten your room and uplift your mood.

purple moth orchids
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big wooden lamp placed near table with potted orchids and buddha statuette
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pink moth orchids
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Breathe life into your home with the timeless beauty of orchids. These beloved blooms have been a favorite in Thailand for years and can effortlessly elevate your decor. Opt for vivid artificial orchids for both style and savings, paired with a charming vase.

Thai wicker handicrafts have been passed down generation to generation. Rattan furniture expresses the unique charm of Thai culture flawlessly. You can choose rattan furniture that is suitable for your home style.

By incorporating these 7 items, your home will exude the captivating essence of Thai culture, satisfying your wanderlust cravings. Let’s infuse a touch of Thailand into your living space and savor every moment!

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