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4 Southern Thailand Major Industries

Southern Thailand is one of the most popular parts of Thailand that is a must on a list of traveling. There are not only beautiful islands, beaches, and attractions which run the economy in the South, but there are also 4 industries that have an important role to run the Southern Thailand economy.

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The most popular investment in the rubber industry is Ribbed smoked sheet which has more than 50% of all products exported. Apart from ribbed smoked sheets that are also popular in exportation are Block rubber, Concentrated latex, Crepe rubber, etc. 

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Songkhla, Surat Thani, Pattani, Chumphon, Satun, and Trang is the center of fishery in Southern Thailand where all products have been exported abroad. Besides, the main seafood canned industries marketplace are European countries, and the U.S. and frozen seafood are mostly and frozen seafood marketplace are mostly in Japan, the U.S. including European countries.

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Southern Thailand is the main producer of palm and coconut oil which has 90% of palm production and 50% of coconut production. Because of the increasing replacement of palm oil, the production of coconut oil has dropped, impacting coconut oil manufacturing to shift their business to produce palm oil instead.

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Generally, the production rate of fish meal will possibly increase depending on the fisheries’ conditions. To be clear, if there is an increase in fishery, the number of fish caught will also increase. However, 40% of fish meal production will be sold to the buyer, which is a small number of buyers, and they have a big rule to control the price rate. 

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