Our company sells wooden plates, wooden bowls, wooden vase, wood cookware, ceramics, home decor, garden decor, kitchenwares, which are affordable vintage, rustic style. We offer both retail and wholesale for wooden utensils and wooden plates that are widely used by various famous restaurants and hotels, making their dishes more appetizing. Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer. We also take made to order products that are made from Mango wood or Raintree wood. The minimum quantities are as low as 50 pieces, depending on the negotiation between customers and us. We both import and export our products. We also look for distributors. The requirements are not complicated. The goods are easy to sell. The wooden products such as plates, bowls, utensils, cutting board can be carved with names or logos (in case you want to display your own logo)

Easy to maintain: Wooden bowls and utensils should not be left soaked in water after use. After use, clean with a sponge and dry with clothes and put it in a well-ventilated place before storing in a cabinet.