1. Minerals
Thailand has many important mineral resources. Minerals were one of Thailand's important exports in the past. At present, many natural minerals have depleted, so production and mining has come to a stop.. Minerals found in Thailand are metal and non-metal such as tin, tungsten, asbestos, gemstones, gypsum.

2. Forestry
Thailand is in a tropical zone, thus wood is naturally dark or dark brown. Most of it is hardwood. Hardwoods and softwoods have different characteristics and uses. 
Hardwood is a dark-colored wood that is very tough and strong.  It is durable and can be used for exterior work that must be weathered well. Notable hardwoods include Takhian, teak, rubber wood, and padauk wood.
Softwood, the color of the wood varies. Some are dark and some are light. It is not very hard wood. Suitable for interior decoration or furniture. The softwoods that are commonly used are white meranti, acacia wood, and mango wood.
3. Agriculture
Thailand is full of agricultural, fertile land suitable for cultivation. Popular agricultural products in Thailand are rice, durian, cassava, rubber and mangosteen.

4. Livestock
Thai society has a long-standing lifestyle with agriculture, so all economic animals are important factors in generating income for the farmers. including building a strong economic system. Popular economic animals in Thailand are cows, pigs, chickens and ducks.

5. Fishing
Thailand has been fishing for a long time. Due to the coastline length of up to 2,614 kilometers, there are also about 3,750 square kilometers of freshwater fishing grounds. This makes Thailand one of the most suitable countries for fishing. The most popular aquatic animals are various types of fish, shrimp and shellfish