roro Decorative Wood Gray Vase with Carved Designs, 14 Inch

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Beautiful minimalist carvings
Based on a distressed backdrop, your artisan has skillfully carved in relief natural designs.

  • 14 Inch height x 4 Inch wide (at widest part)
  • Distressed, artisanal handcarved grey wood provides an exciting antiqued look
  • Made from highly sustainable orchard-grown mango wood; no forest trees were cut
  • Beautiful against any backdrop or decorating style: minimalist, coastal, industrial, modern, and tropical
  • Simple forest and tree scene is both elegant and classy
  • This vase isn't intended to hold water. Please use an insert, or please don't keep water in these vases for more than 1 day at a time. Never wash in a dishwasher or submerge in water while cleaning.
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