roro Black Brown / Tan Mango Wood Vase, 14 Inch tall classic hourglass shape

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Simple. Elegant.
This charming, simple vase features a two tone motif, allowing you to see the underlying natural yellow hue of mango wood, with a complimenting jet black finish on the bottom. The cut is classic vase "hourglass shape", with stylish bands around the neck. It's a beautiful statement piece for your home or workplace.

Environmentally sound
This Northern Thai region is renown for their mango wood, which is highly sustainable. The mango tree must be cut down every few years when it no longer is fruit bearing, and a perfect use of the old wood is to convert it into sustainable kitchenware and decor products.

  • Hand-worked from a single piece of wood by a skilled artisan
  • 14" tall x 4" wide in gift-friendly packaging
  • Made from sustainable mango orchard wood - no forest trees were cut
  • Modern Asian Design with flared top, carved bands around the neck, and jet black finish bottom half
  • Perfect for displaying tall plants, dried flowers, or as a decor piece atop your shelf, cabinet or mantle

Please only use water directly in this vase sparingly and for not more than 3 days at a time. Using a plastic or glass insert may be preferable if you wish to hold water in it continuously. Air dry completely before reuse. This item only needs to be dusted or cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel.