roro 14 inch Modern Minimalist Metallic Brass Finish Wood Vase

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Simple Elegance

Your dazzling roro This vase has been meticulously handcarved by a master artisan. Made from sustainable orchard mango wood, the artisan meticulously carved this vase and applied a brilliant metallic brass finish, giving a slight yellow finish. It's a perfect blend of craftsmanship and modern elegance. This vase collection works wonderfully with most decor styles and especially complements light colored walls and minamalist decor. Use it to make an immediate, bold impact.

Sustainble and friendly for the environment
You'll be pleased to learn that the wood for these pieces were obtained from highly replenishable mango wood. Orchard grown mango trees must be regularly replanted as the best fruits are only produced for a few years. By pairing up with local farmers, we are able to affordably bring you quality wood products without endangering our planet's forests.

  • Please do not store water in wooden vases for more than 3 days at time. If you choose to, please air-dry completely before re-use. We recommend using the vases as a standalone display or using dry decorations with it
  • Handclean with a damp cloth or feather duster.
  • roro is a Pankesum Trading Co. brand. We cannot be responsible for items purchased through dropshippers, resellers, or for counterfeit items. Please ensure you are purchasing via our listings, or directly from for the best experience.