roro 14 Inch Minimalist Two-Toned Smooth Mahogany Brown Wooden Vase

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Bold, simple, and elegant 

The Larissa series is one of our favorite designs that displays a minimalist and functional piece of art. The Larissa vase series works well as a standalone decor piece or displaying your favorite plants or flowers.

Perfectly formed
This wonderful vase has been cut and handworked from a single piece of sustainable orchard wood. It was then sanded and a layer of paint applied to the to truly showcase the contrast in texture.

  • 14" high x 4" Diameter (widest point)
  • Sharp two-tone contrast provides for a modern contrast to a natural, tropical look
  • Handworked from a single piece of sustainable orchard wood
  • Stunning as a standalone décor piece
  • Please only use water in for 3 days at a time and allow plenty of time to air-dry between uses. For prolonged periods of water use, we highly recommend using an insert (note that a cut-off water bottle or similar insert works just fine)