roro 14 in Handcrafted Natural Brown Block Style Minimalist Wood Vase

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Natural and Unfinished
Hand-crafted using all but the simplest tools, this one-of-a-kind vase will feature the uniqueness and variations you can only find with a nature-made product and a human hand. No paint or stains were added. If you're looking to add a bit of nature to your decor, this is the perfect piece. It's simple, and elegant, and goes well with a variety of decor styles: from contemporary to tropical to industrial to country, this versatile vase will be an immediate conversation starter.

Mango wood is what we like to refer to as "dual-sustainable". The tree has already served a useful life making delicious fruit, and once it can no longer produce fruit, we acquire the wood and give it a second life as a beautiful addition to your home or business. It's truly a feel good wood.

Please Note...
  • We highly recommend using an insert (not included in this box) if filling with water (a cut off water bottle works just fine)
  • Hand-crafted by an artisan - no two pieces will be exactly alike
  • 14" (h) x 4" (w)
  • Made from sustainable orchard wood - no forest trees were cut
  • Suits multiple décor styles: contemporary, country, rustic, and tropical