Jittasil Orange Dahlia Hand-Carved Soap Flower 4 inch Gift Box

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For over ten years, Aon has started his daily activities with his wife and young child in a modest home in Bo Sang, a village on the eastern outskirts of the Thai city of Chiang Mai. He spends the majority of the morning and early afternoon carving soaps or working with his co-op that allows him to source materials used to create his beautiful art: pine, coconut, or mango wood containers with nickel and tin ornamentation, and the beautiful mulberry paper mache boxes that Jittasil products come in. Aon's soap flowers are encased in decorative case and box.

Orange Dahlia

Aon spent around 30 minutes hand-crafting this brilliant flower, a master artisan brilliantly shaping a sculpture out of nothing. All he uses are a couple soap carving knives, a bar of soap, and some water color.

  • 100% hand-made, everything from the case to the flower to the box is hand-made
  • Factory-free, made in a small cooperative and painted by hand
  • The actual soap carver was featured on Discovery Channel's "How It's Made"
  • Fragrant, and perfect for decorations and gifts
  • 4 Inches diameter case with 3.25-3.5 Inch wide floral carving

These soaps are intended for decoration only. Please do not use to bathe