CinMin 10 Inch Oak Stain Corbel Wood Wall Bracket (Medici)

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The Medici family ruled Florence for many years during the early Renaissance and our stunning Medici brackets were inspired from the decorative work on an ancient private home near the Uffizi Gallery.

Spice up your walls with CinMin

CinMin wall brackets are a perfect addition to your home or office. Each has been individually hand-carved from sustainable orchard wood and they come in a variety of exciting designs. Use them to house your favorite flowering plant or fern. They're sophisticated enough to be standalone wall decor, and versatile enough to complement your most sentimental pieces: photo frames, handicrafts, scented candles and gifts.

  • Intricately hand-carved and hand-finished by master craftsmen from Northern Thailand, using sustainable orchard wood, with an applied oak-colored finish

  • 10.5" X 6.25" X 6.25" with keyhole hook on back (slight variations due to hand-crafted nature)

  • Individually packaged to be gifted conveniently

  • Dramatic for a hallway, living room, den, library or any part of your home or workplace; looks lovely against a brick or wooden wall

  • The design is reminiscent of Victorian and Pre-Victorian pieces that can be found in stately homes throughout Europe

  • Use a feather duster or damp cloth for cleaning.

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