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We have companies located in Thailand and the United States that provide logistics services. We specialize in shipping goods by sea from Thailand to the United States in the form of Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments. We share the space inside the container with multiple exporters and handle the export-import documentation for a single container.


We offer Full-Service support where customers can also avail themselves of cargo clearance services. We package the goods inside the container using pallets for easy movement and transportation.

We can arrange the shipment of goods from Thailand to our warehouse in Los Angeles, United States. Customers can choose to proceed with further arrangements or continue utilizing our USA Storage service.
We can ship goods from Thailand to the customer's desired destination in the United States, wherever they prefer within the country.
Shipping goods from Thailand into the Amazon FBA system and utilizing Amazon's direct services can be divided into two types ( Amazon partnered carrier, Supply Chain Connect )

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