roro Acacia Natural Salad and Fruit Bowl, 12 Inch Wide

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Crafted Using a single piece of wood
Acacia has a wonderful natural texture and grain, making this bowl perfect for displaying and for serving several people. It will make a beautiful centerpiece, perfect for serving fruit, large bowls of pasta, appetizers or a family size bag of chips. It's beautiful, and functional. As we like to say, presentation is 50% of the meal.

  • Please hand-clean only and do not submerge for more than a few seconds at a time
  • 12 Inches x 12 Inches x 2.5 Inch Tall Bowl
  • Crafted from a single piece of wood
  • 100% made from sustainable plantation grown acacia
  • Striking look is perfect for a variety of decor styles: modern, tropical, minimal