CinMin 10 In Handcarved Corbel Wood Wall Bracket, (White Bordeaux)

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White Bordeaux

CinMin wall brackets are a perfect addition to your home or office. Each has been individually hand-carved from sustainable orchard wood and they come in a variety of exciting designs.

This Bordeaux bracket has been been given a whitewashed antique look, and complements any setting looking for a charming, rustic edge. It has been carved out of mango-wood, a highly sustainable, orchard grown hardwood.

  • Handcarved from sustainable orchard wood

  • 10" X 6.25" X 6.25" with keyhole hook on back (expect minor tolerances due to the handmade nature of the corbel)

  • Individually packaged to be gifted conveniently

  • Excellent for office, home or hallway, or against pillars and supports

  • Works well paired against a dark backdrop such as brick, darker woods, wallpapers, or stone

  • Use a feather duster or damp cloth for cleaning.