Jittasil Thai Hand-Sculpted Soap Flower Red Rose Bouquet, 5 Inch

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Exquisite Artistry

For over ten years, Aon has started his daily activities with his wife and young child in a modest home in Bo Sang, a village on the eastern outskirts of the Thai city of Chiang Mai. He spends the majority of the morning and early afternoon carving soaps or working with his co-op that allows him to source materials used to create his beautiful art: pine, coconut, or mango wood containers with nickel and tin ornamentation. He uses both carving and sculpting techniques to try to capture the essence of each flower he works with. Aon's soap flowers are encased in decorative case and box. His attention to detail original drew the attention of us and eventually the Discovery Channel show "How it's Made". He spends roughly 30 minutes hand-crafting each piece of soap, and the years it took him to master the ability to work with that speed is evident when you watch him work. All he uses are a couple soap carving knives, a bar of soap, his bare hands, and some water color. Over the past couple years, dozens of other soap carvers have emerged, and the art form has spread throughout Thailand and beyond. The new soap carvers' work is generally not up to par and we vigorously test this by literally throwing a packaged boxed carved soap down from 5 feet up. Since we ship from thousands of miles away, it is the least we can do to ensure you are getting the best quality.

Please do not use these soaps to bathe. The soap flower is fused to its ornamental orb and is not intended to be separated.