CinMin Rainbow Striped Stoneware Ceramic Appetizer Plate Set of 4, 7 Inch

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Spice up your meals...

... with these exciting CinMin appetizer plates. These rainbow-inspired dinner plates are a modern and fun way to serve up your favorite meals and finger foods. They're made of twice-fired ceramic stoneware, from the famous kaolin deposits of Thailand's Lampang province.

  • Each plate measures 7 Inches in diameter by 0.5" Inch high

  • All sets are individually boxed to be conveniently gift-friendly

  • Hand-painted by local artisans, our plates display a striking and playful multicolored pattern of green, blue, red, orange, and yellow

  • Perfect for your next dinner party and works with a wide variety of desserts, snacks and cuisines. Also suitable for salads, appetizers, and as a charger for small bowls or plates

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe; oven heat to 300 F