roro Wood Square End-Grain Chef Cutting Board, 14 Inch Acacia Square

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One of our most beautiful and practical boards yet...
You're going to love your new roro square cutting board and chef station. It's large, square, and offers plenty of room to prepare your favorite meals. The board features alternating short blocks of two-toned acacia wood, which is a naturally dark and light wood. This gives the board a beautiful multicolor look and will make preparing - and serving - meals a joy.

  • 14 Inch x 14 Inch Square, 1.5 Inches thick
  • Features 2 easy-to-grip carved in handles on the ends
  • Beautiful alternating light and dark patterns of plantation grown acacia (the natural makeup of the wood)
  • FDA 175.300 compliant coating, food safe
  • Heavy, durable, board suitable for kitchen use and for display; thick and strong enough to be a block but best suited for preparing food
  • Please hand-clean this board only. Never submerge it for longer than necessary to clean. Do not use in a dishwasher.
  • Please be careful with this block. It is heavier than most boards
  • roro is a Pankesum brand. We cannot be responsible for dropshippers, resellers, or counterfeit products. 
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