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What we provide

Pankesum provides account management services for sellers on the Amazon website, including transportation, importing to the United States, and even handling customer shipment and sales account management. For further details, you can book a time for a discussion to learn more.

We have experience in managing large-scale sellers on the Amazon website, so we can be a viable option for you if you require our assistance in this matter.


APC is Amazon’s own logistics transportation system. It enables the shipment of goods from the origin warehouse to the destination warehouse using Amazon’s direct transportation services. The transportation fees are deducted from the seller’s Amazon account. APC is designed to provide convenience to sellers in terms of transportation.

Amazon Supply Chain Connect (SCC) is a system that connects with the APC system. It is a new service that simplifies the communication between FBA sellers and suppliers in each step of management and transportation. You can be part of SCC and use our services by agreeing to sell your products or utilize our transportation services.

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