Northern Thailand is a high mountainous area filled with forest land. During the end of the year the weather is cooler than the rest of the country, making the area rich in fertile soil for various crops. This makes the northern region one of the natural resources for the major industrial sectors of Thailand. The 5 major industries of the northern region are as follows:



  1. Agricultural Industry

Agricultural industries that generate income for the North include: strawberry gardening, soybean farming, longan and garlic. Because the northern region has mostly hills and mountains and cold weather late in the year suits the cultivation of certain fruits which generates a large amount of income per year in North.

  1. Cottage Industry

The North has a distinctive and unique culture and arts make the cottage industry of the Northern very popular such as paper sunshade, xylography, basketry, earthenware, porcelain and weaving.


  1. Factory Industry and Food Processing

It is one of the major economic drivers of the North. Most of the factories produce products using local agricultural raw materials such as tobacco factories, instant food factories and canned food factories such as dried fruits or vegetables, candied and pickled fruits.

  1. Ceramic Industry

Ceramic industry is an industry that made Lampang Province widely known. Because Lampang is a source of clay that is an important raw material for ceramic production.  


  1. Tourism Industry

The northern region has beautiful landscapes, good weather, and good culture and traditions that are still preserved. Most of the tourist attractions in the north are forests, mountains and temples. A lot of people come to visit in winter because the weather is good, the food is delicious and the fruit is plentiful.