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Types of shipments and logistics providers for shipping between countries

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Logistics is the management of various transportation systems, caused by customer demand by transport from the origin to the destination set in response to the consumer. Logistics is a combination of information, transportation, inventory management, raw material management and packaging which is one of the ways to reduce costs and increase product value at the same time. There are two main types of shipments and logistics providers for shipping between countries : Water Transportation and Air Transportation.

Water Transportation is transportation by ocean freight providers for shipping between countries. Ocean freight transportation is safer than other transportation used for large products as it can transport large quantities. The main drawback of Ocean Freight is that the exact time of transportation cannot be determined depending on the climate and terrain.

Air Transportation is a unique type of transport that plays a very important role in transportation that has to compete with time which also may  reduce  damages caused whilst in transit.

Air Transportation is used for products that cannot be stored for a long time or are easily broken, with fast delivery, but the cost is more expensive than other types of transport.

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